Subscription Agreement


Before we delve into the nitty-gritty, let’s get familiar with some key terms to ensure we’re all on the same page.

• Services: All the incredible digital tools, features, and utilities provided by Penguin Pro Cloud and its esteemed sub-brands.

• Sub-Brands: Hustle Penguin, Biz Goose Pro, and Aurora Cloud Tools, the specialized versions of Penguin Pro Cloud, each tailored for a unique industry niche.

• Fees: The financial investment required to unlock the full potential of our services.

• Data: Every piece of information you trust us with or we glean during your use of our services.

• Breach: Any act that contradicts the sacred text of this Agreement.

Acceptable Use

Our services are powerful and, like any superpower, they come with responsibilities.

We’ll provide a comprehensive list of dos and don'ts to ensure we’re all playing the same beautiful game of business enhancement.

Intellectual Property Rights

We respect creativity and innovation, providing a clear outline of who holds the keys to the kingdom of intellectual property within the confines of our services and data.

Force Majeure

Sometimes, the universe throws curveballs, and unforeseen circumstances can hamper our ability to deliver excellence.

We’ll detail how we manage these cosmic challenges, always with your business continuity at heart.

Subscription Terms

All subscriptions are based on your chosen plan, either monthly or annually. Subscriptions will renew either monthly or annually, aligned with your subscription type and the date of your sign-up. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Subscription Renewal:

Your subscription's initial period aligns with the plan you've chosen, either monthly or annually. Unless canceled, all subscriptions will automatically renew based on your initial choice (monthly or annually).

Payment Terms:

Fees: Subscription and associated service fees are due upfront and non-refundable. These fees are determined by the pricing available at the time of your renewal.

In cases of credit card payments, you confirm you're authorized to use the provided card. You grant permission to Hustle Penguin (or our third-party processor) to retain this payment information and to charge your card for any renewal, or adjustments due to changes in your subscription or applicable taxes.


If your payment isn't received, your service may be paused. If payment isn't made within 10 days, your service may be canceled.

Canceling Your Subscription:

To prevent the renewal of your Hustle Penguin subscription, you must email a notice to at least ten (10) days before your next billing date. If you choose to cancel, no refunds will be offered. However, you will continue to have access to your account for the duration of the term you've already paid for.

Services and Brands

A deep dive into the ecosystem of Penguin Pro Cloud and its sub-brands, ensuring a unified, streamlined experience across all platforms and service tiers.

Fees and Payments

Clarity is our mantra. Every cost, fee, and potential charge is detailed, with no hidden surprises or enigmatic charges.

Data and Privacy

In the age of information, data is gold. We treasure your data with advanced security protocols and privacy practices, aligned with global benchmarks including the CCPA.

Non-Renewal and Cancellation

We’ve made the farewell as straightforward as the welcome, with clear steps to halt subscription renewals and part ways, should you choose to explore distant galaxies.

Limitation of Liability

Navigating through liability with precision, we’ve carved out a pathway that balances legal integrity with fairness, protecting all parties involved.


With examples and simplified language, we’ve unraveled the indemnification process, making it as intuitive as our user interface.

Governing Law & Dispute Resolution

Clarity in conflict is key. We’ve outlined the resolution pathways with FAQs and examples, turning potential conflicts into opportunities for understanding and resolution.

Agreement Revisions

Change is the only constant, and as we evolve, so do our terms. We promise transparency and communication at every step of this evolving journey.

Final Acknowledgment

By choosing Penguin Pro Cloud, you’re not just subscribing to a service; you’re joining a community of innovation, clarity, and business enhancement.

Approvals & Refinements

Every clause and term has undergone meticulous scrutiny, refined by legal experts, SaaS veterans, and user experience specialists to strike the perfect balance between legal robustness and user accessibility. Welcome to a world where legal agreements are as user-friendly as the services they govern.

Every piece of feedback, every legal nuance, and every user experience insight has been woven into this Agreement, ensuring that as you soar to new heights with Penguin Pro Cloud SaaS Products, you’re backed by an Agreement crafted for clarity, fairness, and mutual growth. Welcome aboard!

© Copyright 2023. Hustle Penguin by Penguin Pro Cloud. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2023. Hustle Penguin by Penguin Pro Cloud. All rights reserved.